Build custom internal tools and business apps in minutes, not months.

Internal provides a smart app-builder, allowing you to build a fully-featured user experience on top of your data, wherever it is (including Google spreadsheets, SQL databases, or business apps like Salesforce and Stripe.

Build anything your team needs

Need a custom CRM? An on-boarding tool? Inventory manager? Or an approval queue? Internal is the easiest way to build functional and secure internal tools on top of your data: just drag and drop prebuilt components to build any tool you can imagine.

Connect it all together

Power up your spreadsheets by connecting its data with other popular business apps, like Zendesk, Salesforce, and Stripe. Design seamless workflows allowing you to interact with your Google Sheets data and manage customer support data, payments and deals, all in one place.

Control your data

Gain column-by-column read & write controls for the data in your spreadsheets, giving you unprecedented control over how your business data is accessed and updated. Reduce unwanted errors and mitigate security risks with Internal’s enterprise-ready features.

Scale with your business

Easily upgrade your Internal tools as business needs change. Add a variety of databases, create functions to call APIs, or write SQL. Whether you go no-code, low-code, or any other amount of code, Internal helps you get it done faster, with plenty of room to grow.


The NoCode.tech Verdict:

Internal is my favourite platform for building internal tools (pun only half-intended!) and makes it super simple to incorporate data from multiple sources and allow users to take action. Great for building apps you only want your team to use or where you need tight audit control of data changes. Focused AND Powerful!

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