The lowdown

Let the business rapidly build enterprise apps, governed by IT. Cloud-based Betty Blocks is easy to use, rich in features, and fit for an agile way of working.

Easy to use

With the Betty Blocks platform, you easily build state of the art enterprise apps. Just login to your browser and start building within minutes. Use the Page Builder to drag-and-drop your wireframe and design, integrate with any external data source, visualize your data with the data modeler, and automate your workflow with actions.

Shortest time-to-market

By building apps with predefined building blocks, and only using code to extend the platform when needed, development time decreases significantly – implementing changes four to eight times faster than usual is not uncommon. When changes in an app are needed, it is literally as easy as logging in and implementing them in a no-code way. What used to be put on IT’s backlog and might take weeks to be processed, can now be done by citizen developers in just a few clicks.

Cost-effective development and maintenance

Development and maintenance are scalable and predictable. Apps deliver proven value fast. With 100% cloud-based Betty Blocks you don’t need to install anything. Updates are managed by us automatically, meaning you always run the latest and safest version, without any effort from your side.

Use Betty Blocks to:


Automate your workflow and case management, order management flows, compliance and quality management, and other manual processes, and drastically save time in your day-to-day work.

Build portals

Build portals such as supply chain portals, community or employee portals, and customer engagement portals. With one app you can serve different user roles with views catered towards their needs. For example, you can build a supply chain portal with a view for the supplier, the store manager, and the customer, all from one single application.

Revive outdated IT systems

With Betty Blocks, you can create a modern layer around existing IT systems and add missing functionality. This way, you don’t have to rebuild or migrate expensive systems, but still reap the benefits of modern development systems.


Rapidly build, test, validate, and launch new, proven business applications. Have your first version live within days and collect user feedback and requirements to build an application people will love.

Integrate Betty Blocks with services like:

  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Office 365
  • Exact
  • Servicenow
  • AWS
  • Microsoft Azure

Our take

Betty Blocks stand out among its peers as truly the only Enterprise-Ready "No-Code" tool. No technical knowledge required, no sneaky requirement to learn SQL or a similar "query language" and no need to dive into code to make a functional app.

If you need your non-technical staff to be capable of building software without learning to code or months and months upskilling, look no further than this Gartner Visionary.

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