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NoCode started out as a Weebly site. After purchasing the site from Sam Dickie, I designed to go for a complete redesign, although I kept the primary colour (#6ffcc). I didn't change much of the offering on the site, but did a couple of small bits and pieces. Webflow was my tool of choice, being a tool I'm both comfortable with and consider the most powerful NoCode tool on the market. The design was created in Sketch before being loaded into Zeplin, which helped me figure out how to translate the design onto Webflow.

The recent addition of the community is the biggest change since I purchased the site!

I wanted to build out a complete forum system without using code and build a product collection, similar to Webflow powers the content delivery, while AirTable provides the user database and Zapier wires it all together. Unfortunately, I had to use a bit of code to write an authentication system, but I'm pleased to say I developed a method which can become a Webflow-compatible SaaS offering and this is something I'll be working on over the summer.

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