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How did you make it? I made the database for members using Airtable and embedded the Airtable form into the website for new users to join the community and submit their profile. I used MemberPress plugin for WordPress to create logins for members. This plugin also automates emails, so every new member who signs up receives a Welcome email. Lessons Learned: I had to create a copy of my Airtable database. The original database is connected to the form and new members use it to submit their profile. And the copy of the database is embedded on the website. This way all the new form submissions go through my approval before showing up on the public database. Current challenge: I'm trying to figure out how to implement more automations where I can send out emails to connect members (make intros) and suggest collaborations, based on the industry and the collaboration type (podcast, guest post, event...) What can others learn: Automated welcome email is a great touchpoint, but if you are building a community, I'd suggest to send users a personal note as well to thank them for joining.
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